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Coaching Information


If you are interested in coaching for WYHA during the upcoming season, we thank you in advance. Please register with USA Hockey and fill out the online coaches application below. Please contact Chase Drake with any questions. We will keep you posted on any upcoming Coaches meetings. Typically, these are held in September of each season.
All current certified coaches and any person interested in coaching in the upcoming season MUST complete the following:
  • Register with USA Hockey at  You need to do this every season. You will need to enter this 9 digit, 5 alpha number in the WYHA application.
  • Fill out the WYHA Application to Coach
    • If you are a new coach and do not yet have a CEP number that is fine.  In the "CEP Number" field on the application just enter "CEP not yet assigned".
  • Review the WYHA Coaches Code of Conduct (See links below).
  • A Background Screening is required. It is done online - Click to start your background screening at USA Hockey. Starting April 1, 2020 there is a new system in place. If you did a background check after April 1, 2020 through USA Hockey it is good for two years.  If you have done a background check through work or the military or other means it will NOT transfer. You must complete the background check through USA Hockey. If you are new to coaching or the board or team manager with WYHA, then you need to complete a background check through USA Hockey.  If you are not sure send an email to the Registrar.
  • Complete the appropriate USA Hockey Age Specific Module. Each module is completed only once. If you have completed the age appropriate module for the level you plan to coach you do not need to do it again. More info on modulesThis must be completed PRIOR to stepping on the ice and participating in any team activities. You cannot be added to a roster until completed.
    • 8u module: if coaching learn to play, 6U, or 8U
    • 10u module: if coaching 10U, aka Squirt
    • 12u module: if coaching 12U, aka Peewee
    • 14u module: if coaching 14U, aka Bantam
  • Complete the USA Hockey Safe Sport Training (NOW REQUIRED YEARLY ). More information on Safe Sport training, registration, and certs.  This must be completed PRIOR to stepping on the ice and participating in any team activities. You cannot be added to a roster until completed.
  • Attend the required USA Hockey Coaching Clinic (If needed, this must be completed by December 31 of the current season). Dates and locations of Level 1 through 4 clinics can be found on USA Hockey

LOOKUP your completion of CEP Clinics and Age appropriate modules.

Thanks again, and we look forward to a great year.





This survey is intended to compile an evaluation of your coaches and team for this past season. 
Parent Evaluation of WYHA Coaches - Online Form 
 Player Evaluation - Team 
 Player Evaluation - Individual 


Use the templates below to create practice plans and drills that will help our kids become better hockey players or goalies.
USA Hockey Advanced Development Model 
USA Hockey ADM Practice Plans 
 Practice Plan Template 
 Rink Template 1 
 Rink Template 2 
 Rink Template 3 
 Dry Land Training Template 




We are a proud member of Region 4 of the Wisconsin Amateur
Hockey Association and USA Hockey