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General Information

Our Teams and Programs


Programs are available for all ages to learn the basics of skating and fundamentals of the sport of hockey. Emphasis is placed on fundamental skill development and learning the sport of hockey.
Playing Level for 2021-22 Season Age*
Learn to Skate (LTS):
Children learn the fundamentals of skating (forward, backward, stopping) combined with fun games on the ice. 
*Full hockey equipment is not needed.
Any age (most are 4-7)
U6-Mite Learn to Play (Cross-ice without goalies): (Birth Year 2015 or Younger)  
Continued skating and hockey skill development through one-two practice session each week; plus one hour game ice per week.
*Full hockey equipment is required

6 & under

U8-Mite Learn to Play (Half-ice with goalies): (Birth Years 2013/2014)  
Similar to U6-Mite, but for 7-8 year old hockey players; two practice sessions per week and one game ice per week (2-3 games per hour game ice). Rotating Goalies week to week.
8 & under


Skaters are placed on teams based on age and skill level. Each season, teams are allocated approximately 30 - 60 one-hour practices (dependent on age level) and 10 home games. The total number of games per season generally equals the 10 home games, plus 10 reciprocal games plus tournament games, and usually ranges from 25 - 35 games. Teams may qualify and play in the Wisconsin State Tournament.
Playing Level for 2021-22 Season Age*
Birth year 2011 & 2012. No checking.  Average 2.5 practices per week with 2, 60 minute games on weekends.

10 & under
Birth year 2009 & 2010No checking. Average 2.75 practices per week with 2, 75 minute games on weekends.

12 & under
Birth year 2007 & 2008Checking.  Average 3 practices per week with 2 to 3, 90 minute games on weekends.

14 & under


Generally 9th through 12th grade. Checking. Average 2.5 practices per week with 2, 90 minute games on weekends.


18 & under



We are a proud member of Region 4 of the Wisconsin Amateur
Hockey Association and USA Hockey